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Message from the Managing Director

 We are focused on meeting the most exacting recruiting requirements and have established a strong track record over the years, using our extensive contacts in many different industries and fields to seek out and introduce the most able candidates to our clients.
 We serve companies that are based all over the world, and handle a wide range of functions from country manager on down to staff level positions. We offer both a global perspective and global coverage through tie-ups with executive search firms worldwide.
Our approach to each search is tailored to its specific requirements, and we take great satisfaction in matching up the right individual with the right opportunity. This is our aim and our focus.

Shigehiko Murase, Managing Director

About Us

We make every effort to connect the right individuals with the right organizations, and are guided in this by our philosophy, mission and standards.

Our Philosophy

Lead the way to a brighter future by providing the support that is essential to achieving goals and aspirations, and continually enhancing our knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission

Contribute to society by enhancing the vitality of businesses and industries.
Establish a broad, global network among professionals and companies.
While helping our clients make a bottom-line improvement to their operations, foster developments that will produce happier and healthier individuals and organizations.

Our Action Standards

Take quick action irrespective of time or location
Continuously search for and provide information on the most suitable career opportunities.
Keep all parties fully informed.
Take action only after fully understanding the objectives of both applicants and employers

Our Dmain

Our executive search activities are driven by our clients’ needs at all levels of the organization, from country manager on down to staff-level positions.

We focus on the following fields:

・Electronic / electric components and equipment
・Communication equipment
・Semiconductor devices / production equipment
・Harness wiring
・Information technology
・Automotive systems and components
・Medical equipment
・Injection molding equipment / peripherals
・Plastics engineering
・Banking, insurance, securities

Customers wishing to change jobs

Please check and understand the Personal Information Protection Policy and contact the following e-mail address for assistance to change jobs.

Information for Employers

Upon obtaining a detailed understanding of your organization and your specific recruiting need, we will leverage our extensive professional network and industry experience to identify and introduce only those candidates who meet your requirements. Throughout this process we will act in full accordance with our philosophy, mission and corporate strategy.

Registration of recruiting plan

Please call us to discuss your recruiting plan, send us your plan by mail or fax, or complete the following online registration form.

Online registration of recruiting plan

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